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There is a private lot for 10 Weybosset Street that is accessed from Memorial Boulevard.  It is bordered by a white rail fence and marked with a white sign that says parking for 10 Weybosset Street.   The entrance is just past Post Office Court and before Custom House St.   If you would like to use a GPS device enter the coordinates 41.824302 -71.408465.

The 10 Weybosset Lot has 5 visitor spots marked with “Visitors Parking” placards on the fence rails and a handicapped spot.  The visitor spots are located at the far end of the lot; the handicapped spot is at the entrance to the lot.  Please note visitor parking is in the 10 Weybosset Lot is limited to 1 hour.    You must check in with the attendant in the lobby and provide him with your license plate number.   

If your visit to our office will be longer than one hour or if there are no visitor spots available, then there are a number of surface lots and parking garages close by.

Two parking lots operated by MetroPark are accessible from Pine Street.   Travelling south on Memorial Boulevard, Pine St. will be the first right after the 10 Weybosset Street parking lot.  Capriccio’s restaurant and Metro Café are on the corner of Pine St. and Memorial Boulevard.   If you are using a GPS device, enter 28 Pine St, Providence, RI as your destination. These lots accept cash only.    

The Arcade Garage can be accessed from Pine Street, Peck Street or Weybosset St.  If using a GPS device enter 66 Weybosset St. as your destination.  The garage accepts credit or debit cards as well as cash.


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