Industry Groups

RCFP's Healthcare Group offers a one-stop, comprehensive, industry-focused platform of proven experience, knowledge, resources and success serving the complex needs and challenges facing healthcare insurers and providers in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. For over 50 years, members of our Healthcare Group have provided informed, responsive and cost-effective legal representation to healthcare clients who are operating in a highly competitive environment while managing the burden of intense regulation and compliance within a financial framework of expanding costs and shrinking reimbursements. Whether serving as outside general counsel for a health maintenance organization, lead trial attorney in a landmark professional liability case, or advisor on a critical employee issue, our goal is to become our client's business partner as well as legal counsel, bringing a keen awareness of the current and emerging trends affecting all parties operating in this dynamic and challenging industry.

Our Banking Group offers a comprehensive, industry-focused platform of proven experience, committed professionals and exceptional service to institutional, business and individual clients. Attorneys in our Banking Group have represented virtually every financial institution conducting commercial transactions in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts and have served as loan counsel to businesses of all sizes and individuals who require financing for their various needs and endeavors. Whether representing a community bank in a major refinancing, helping a growing business expand its operations, or serving as loan counsel for a senior executive moving to Rhode Island, our Banking Group enjoys longevity and continued growth because we become our client's business partner as well as legal counsel.