RCFP Celebrates 50th Anniversary

RCFP Celebrates 50th Anniversary


RCFP marked the 50th anniversary of its founding with a celebratory reception for clients, family members, colleagues, and staff.

Held on the plaza grounds just outside our headquarter offices in Downtown Providence, nearly 100 attendees enjoyed catered fare, beverages, delicious cakes made by RCFP Legal Administrator Beth Casher, and mingling on a warm and breezy summer evening. The gathering served as a pre-sunset WaterFire reception whereby guests could take the rare and unforgettable opportunity to experience this art installation onboard a custom-built guest boat that piloted them through the bonfire braziers, or to leisurely stroll the paths of Waterplace Park to see it illuminated with bright flames.

RCFP dedicated the anniversary event to the memory of Partner Dennis E. Carley, Esq. (1954-2021) and Attorney Ronald C. Markoff, Esq. (1949-2022) who passed away.

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A special toast given by RCFP Managing Shareholder Ed Avila thanked everyone for gathering together to celebrate the firm’s milestone. Here is what he said:  “We weren’t able to gather during COVID, so here we are now on this beautiful summer night.

Let me take you back for a moment 5 decades to 1971. In that year, the 26th Amendment was adopted allowing 18 year-olds to vote. The Vietnam War was in full swing. Joe Frazier defeated Muhammad Ali in Madison Square Garden. Businesses still used typewriters. And RI Governor Dennis Roberts joined the likes of newly formed Starbucks in Seattle and Disney World in Florida to open a law firm in Rhode Island.

The rest is history.

As you can see from our timeline poster, his firm eventually became known as Roberts Carroll Feldstein & Peirce as we are still called today.

Since 1971, a lot has changed in Rhode Island, New England and the world, especially the technology like computers to get our work done. But what has not changed is the long-standing principles and ethics we uphold in the practice of law, and the importance of continuous professional development to keep up with the times.

To the founding partners, thank you for the legacy you have created. To all of our attorneys and staff -- both past and present, thank you for your dedication to serving our clients with your talent and professionalism. And to families, colleagues, friends, and special guests here with us this evening, thank you for celebrating with us. Here’s to another 50 years!”


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WaterFire is an award-winning art fire installation encompassing three rivers of downtown Providence featuring sparkling bonfires, the fragrant scent of aromatic wood smoke, torch-lit vessels traveling down the river, and enchanting music from around the world.